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Q: How does Acellent monitor structural health?
A: Acellent is the only SHM company that provides a complete, integrated system based on our SMART Layers, diagnostic hardware, and active damage detection and passive impact monitoring software suites.

Q: How can you integrate a large sensor network with a host structure?
A: SMART Layers are a novel and cost-effective method for integrating a network of piezoelectric elements with the structure to monitor structural conditions and detect damage while the structure is in service. The SMART Layer can be either surface-mounted on existing structures or embedded inside composite structures during fabrication.

Q: What adhesive should be used to mount SMART Layers on the surface of a structure?
A: To mount SMART Layers on a structure, we recommend epoxy, such as Hysol EA 9396 or Hysol EA 9394, over silicone-based adhesives because a rigid interface between the piezoelectric elements and the host structure is necessary. Typically, no modification to the epoxy cure cycle is needed.

Q: Can SMART Layers be embedded inside composite structures during different manufacturing processes?
A: Yes, Acellent has developed specialized methods to integrate piezoelectric sensor networks into composite structures during different fabrication processes, including hand layup of prepregs or wet layup of fiber cloth, resin transfer molding (RTM), and filament winding. Please contact for more information.

Q: How do I determine the proper SMART Layer size, shape, and distributed sensor network to meet my need?
A: Acellent can work with you to customize SMART Layer size, shape, and distributed sensor networks to meet your needs, depending on the host structure being monitored. Acellent manufactures SMART Layers in a variety of sizes, shapes, and complexities, ranging from single-sensor flat strips to multi-sensor layers.

Q: I have a huge structure that needs to be monitored. Can you fabricate large SMART Layers for it?
A: Yes, Acellent has expertise in fabricating large-scale SMART Layers. Please contact to discuss design options.

Q: Can SMART Layers be used in high-humidity or aggressive chemical environments?
A: Yes, Acellent can recommend which type of protective coating or encapsulation best suits your particular high-humidity or aggressive chemical environment.

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