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Q: Who is Acellent, and what do you do?

A: Acellent is the only company that provides a complete, integrated solution for Structural Health Monitoring (SHM). Our core technology includes our SMART Layer® sensor networks, diagnostic hardware, and software suites. Our SHM systems can operate in either a "passive" listening mode to provide state sensing (such as impact detection) or an "active" interrogation mode to detect damage (either in localized "hot spots" or across large areas).

Q: How can you integrate a large sensor network with a structure?

A: Our patented SMART Layer® provides an easy, cost-effective solution for integrating a distributed network of sensors with a structure. A SMART Layer can either be surface-mounted to retrofit existing structures or embedded directly inside of composite materials during fabrication. Integration of our sensor network makes the structure "smart", allowing it to "feel" (or sense) changes in its state (such as impacts or damage) dynamically throughout its lifecycle.

Q: What adhesive should be used to mount a SMART Layer® on the surface of a structure?

A: We recommend the use of an aerospace-grade epoxy when surface-mounting a SMART Layer®. It is important to achieve a tight, rigid bond between the sensors themselves and the host structure. We've had the best luck with Hysol EA 9396 and Hysol EA 9394. Because it is important to achieve a tight, rigid bond between the sensors and the host structure, we do not recommend the use of silicone-based adhesives. We offer training in proper installation of SMART Layers, as well as an installation kit that provides everything you need to get started.

Q: Can SMART Layers be embedded inside composite structures during the manufacturing process?

A: Yes, Acellent has developed specialized methods to integrate our SMART Layer® sensor networks into composite structures during a variety of different fabrication processes, including hand layup of prepregs or wet layup of fiber cloth, resin transfer molding (RTM), and filament winding. Please contact for more information.

Q: How do I determine the proper size, shape, and layout of SMART Layer® to fit my structure?

A: Our experienced design engineers will work with you to determine the most appropriate size, shape, and layout of SMART Layer® to meet your needs, depending on the structure that you want to monitor. Acellent manufactures SMART Layers in a variety of sizes, shapes, and complexities, ranging from single-sensor flat strips to multi-sensor layers, and fully custom designs are also available.  Please contact to get started.

Q: I want to monitor a huge structure. Can you fabricate a large SMART Layer® for it?

A: Yes, Acellent has expertise in fabricating large-scale SMART Layers®. Please contact to discuss design options.

Q: Can the SMART Layer® be used in high-humidity or aggressive chemical environments?

A: Yes, the SMART Layer® is suitable for installation in harsh environments. Acellent can provide recommendations for which type of protective coating or encapsulation best suits your particular needs.  Please contact to discuss the options.

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