Impact Monitoring

Certain impacts may affect a structure’s reliability and integrity over the course of its operational lifetime. It is of the utmost importance to be aware of impact events, especially when they happen to aircraft, spacecraft, satellites, composite rocket motor casings, thermal protection shields, unmanned aerial vehicles, pipelines, and ships at sea.

Unaddressed hidden damages can result in injuries and fatalities. Acellent’s Impact Monitoring System detects and monitors the time, force, and location of an impact in real-time. Impacts that fall below the safety threshold level are ignored, while those that fall above it are reported and generate an alarm signaling the need for the structure’s evaluation and repair.


Acellent’s Smart Bumper system is designed to identify and differentiate between a car striking a pedestrian versus striking a garbage can or pole. Once the sensors identify that a pedestrian has been struck, appropriate actions can be taken to prevent any injury to the pedestrian.

For more details, see Acellent's work in the automotive industry:

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Quick and efficient inspections

Improves structural safety

Help avoid unscheduled maintenance and repairs

Monitors large areas with a minimal number of sensors