Large Area Monitoring

Large structures with no easily identifiable "hot spots" present unique challenges for inspection and monitoring. This is especially true when maintenance operations are fully manual, but these challenges remain even when traditional automated monitoring systems are used.

Acellent offers advanced Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) systems capable of monitoring and detecting damage across very large areas in any type of composite or metal structure. Such a system makes it easy and cost-effective to inspect and monitor even the largest of structures, and they provide real-time information on the structure's condition.

A large area monitoring system, powered by Acellent's SHM-Composite software, is ideal for monitoring large composite structures, such as the wings and fuselage of an aircraft or the blades and airframe of a rotorcraft. An SHM system that can monitor large areas provides the following capabilities and advantages:

  • Detection of delaminations, disbonds, and other hidden damage in composite structures
  • Monitoring for the initiation and growth of fatigue cracks
  • Warning at the first sign of corrosion
  • Assessing the state or type of damage
  • Estimating the progression of the damage
  • Classifying the severity of the damage
  • Real-time inspection of inaccessible and hard-to-reach areas, without requiring structural disassembly
  • Options for on-demand, fully-automated, or hybrid inspection procedures
  • Displays actionable, easy-to-interpret results in a user-friendly interface
  • Long-term monitoring and prognostics