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Acellent Technologies is the global leader in Structural Health Monitoring (SHM), connecting physical assets to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) in order to provide automated inspection and continuous real-time monitoring of their condition.

Using a combination of our SMART Layer® sensors, diagnostic hardware, and intelligent algorithms, Acellent provides a complete SHM solution for monitoring and detecting damage in all types of structures throughout their entire lifecycle, no matter where they may be located. Our end-to-end system identifies damage (and other significant events), analyzes its severity, and predicts the remaining usable life of your asset, ensuring structural integrity and improving safety.

Let us help you stay alert—anytime, anywhere—about the condition of your asset.

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SMART Layer® Sensors

The SMART Layer® is our proprietary sensor appliqué, designed to be permanently mounted to any structure. It consists of a network of distributed sensors of various types, embedded in a thin carrier film, with integrated wiring and connectors. Standard and custom designs are available. Whether you're retrofitting an existing structure or integrating it into a new one, installation couldn't be simpler.

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Purpose-built data-acquisition (DAQ) hardware interfaces with our SMART Layer® sensors to generate and capture diagnostic signals with maximum fidelity. We offer a variety of standard models with different capabilities, channel counts, and deployment methods (on-board and off-board). We can also work with you to develop fully custom designs with novel capabilities.

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Our exclusive suite of software is tightly integrated with our hardware, simplifying the process of data acquisition, diagnostics, and monitoring. The software incorporates advanced proprietary algorithms for event localization, quantification, and prognostics, all in a user-friendly and easy-to-use package. Different editions and licenses are available to fit your specific use-case and budget.

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Get hands-on training in the theory and practice of Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) from the industry leader. Learn how to install, configure, operate, calibrate, and even optimize the performance of the system directly from the experts. Multiple levels of training (ranging from introductory to advanced) are offered in order to meet your individual needs.

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Bring your structure into the era of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

Acellent harnesses the power of IIoT (Industry 4.0) to collect big data from sensors on structures
Acellent's diagnostic hardware collects data from the sensors, analyzes it, and transmits it to cloud services for storage
Customers can then monitor the health of their asset remotely

Acellent's Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) systems provide real-time data on the condition of assets around the world, helping you to monitor structural integrity, reduce maintenance costs, and improve operational safety.

Welcome to the age of SMART structures!


Our SHM systems have multiple applications, including damage diagnostics, corrosion monitoring, and impact detection.

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Our SHM systems are extremely versatile and have been deployed across multiple industries, ranging from aerospace to civil infrastructure.

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Customer Support

Acellent is dedicated to our customers and committed to ensuring their satisfaction. Our software licenses and service agreements generally include ongoing support and annual upgrade options. Whether you are designing a new SHM system, optimizing an existing one, or troubleshooting an unexpected issue, we are here to help!

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