SMART Layer® Sensors

Acellent's SMART Layer® is our proprietary sensor appliqué, designed to be permanently mounted to any structure. It consists of a network of distributed sensors of various types, embedded in a thin carrier film, with integrated wiring and connectors. Standard and custom designs are available. Whether you're retrofitting an existing structure or integrating it into a new one, installation couldn't be simpler.

Single Sensors

A photograph showing a line-up of four individual SMART Layers, each containing a single PZT sensor.

For laboratory, testing, and prototyping use, we sell individual SMART Layers®, which consist of a single sensor—either a pizeoelectric (PZT) or digital temperature sensor. The sensor is embedded in the same thin, flexible dielectric carrier film that is used in our multi-sensor networks. However, because it consists of only one sensor, it can be placed anywhere you want, allowing variable and customizable intra-sensor spacing. All of the sensors are wired individually, and then they are connected to the data-acquisition hardware through a multi-channel connection box.

Standard Layers

A photograph of our most popular SMART Layer, which is a standard strip containing 8 PZT sensors and an optional digital temperature sensor. The strip is shown curled, emphasizing its flexibility to conform to any structural geometry.

We have a relatively extensive catalog of standard, off-the-shelf SMART Layer® sensor designs, including strips of different lengths as well as circular patterns. These standard designs are suitable for most common applications. They are great for testing/prototyping, and they work equally well in production environments. Our standard designs come preconfigured with a full set of PZT sensors, as well as optional digital temperature sensors.

Custom Designs

A photograph of a custom-designed SMART Layer sensor network, incorporating both piezoelectric (PZT) and fiber-optic (FBG) sensors.

In order to fit your specific needs, we can design fully custom SMART Layers®. Virtually any layout that you can imagine is possible, including stretchable/expandable networks, which can conform to any geometric shape/structure. In addition to the shape of the network and the layout of the sensors that it contains, we can also customize the number and combination of sensors, allowing you to choose from PZT sensors, digital temperature sensors, RTDs, strain gauges, fiber optics, and more!


Acellent's patented SMART Layer® is a flexible circuit appliqué containing an array of sensors embedded within it, resulting in a distributed network of sensors that can be easily applied to any structure. Installation is easy and repeatable.


The SMART Layer® is highly durable and designed for long-term, real-world use in a variety of extreme environments, including wet service. It is…

Our SMART Layers are certified to MIL-STD-810G and are therefore military grade.
  • Tested under a diverse set of electrical, mechanical, fatigue, and flight conditions.
  • Proven to withstand lightning strikes and physical stresses.
  • Available with a variety of protective coating options to increase survivability in harsh environments (e.g, UV-protection).
  • Manufactured with tear-resistant edge construction that increases durability.
  • Configurable with multiple-path wiring to provide enhanced survivability.
  • Repairable directly in the field (even after installation) at the level of individual sensors.


The SMART Layer® is well-established in the field of Structural Health Monitoring (SHM). It is noted for its unique ability to cover large structural areas as a result of its sensor network concept.