Corrosion Monitoring

Corrosion causes billions of dollars of damage to structures worldwide on an annual basis. The direct costs come in the form of either premature deterioration or failure resulting in the need for maintenance, repair and/or replacement of damaged equipment.

Additional costs come from lost production in the Oil and Gas industry and increased downtime of equipment arising from corrosion problems in Aging Aircraft, pipelines and other structures. In some cases, corrosion cost also includes additional standby capacity that needs to be instituted to alleviate downtime problems associated with corrosion failures or unscheduled maintenance.

Some current major drawbacks:

  • The current approaches are labor-intensive and expensive
  • The inspection is limited to the accessible areas only
  • Frequent inspections for corrosion growth monitoring generates higher inspection and maintenance cost


The advantages and features of Acellent’s RAPID corrosion Structural Health Monitoring system are:

Early detection of damaged areas

Quantifies corrosion damage severity

Builtin self-diagnostic capabilities

Ability to operate in rigorous field environments

Easy to use