Acellent's SHM Pro Software Suite works in tandem with our SMART Layer sensors and data acquisition hardware to detect and quantify damage. Our patented technology not only assesses damage but also predicts the remainder of a structure's life cycle.


SHM Composite is our state-of-the-art Structural Health Monitoring software for in-field applications for detection and quantification of damage in large composite structures. SHM Composite includes all the features needed to  perform in-field detection of damage under real-world environmental conditions.


SHM Patch is Acellent next-generation software for monitoring critical and often hard to inspect “hot-spot” areas and components, for fatigue cracks in aircraft, helicopters, pipelines and civil structures.


Acellent’s Real-time Active Pipeline Integrity Detection (RAPID) software is at the core of our RAPID pipeline monitoring system. It provides remote detection and quantification of the rate of wall thickness loss due to corrosion in pipelines or other metal structures.


SHM ACESS Pro (ACEllent Software Suite) is our lab based software providing a diagnostic image of changes to the structure that are indicative of damage in composite and metal structures. SHM ACESS Pro also adds sensor self diagnostics with environmental compensation and for data collection under real-world conditions.


Acellent’s Impact Monitoring (AIM) software monitors structures for impact events. AIM provides in real-time the location, time and force of impact events. The information is displayed visually as well as can be “voiced” by the computer to alert the operator that an impact event has occurred.

End to End Solution

Our integrated structural health monitoring system consists of SMART Layer, SHM Pro Software and Hardware. It can be used to detect fatigue crack, corrosion, composite delimitation and debunking and more depending on the material type and structure application.