Acellent’s Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) technology can be deployed in many different ways to solve a nearly endless number of problems. Over the years, we have developed a variety of SHM system implementations targeting specific applications. These applications span a wide variety of industries, ranging from aerospace to civil infrastructure—and everything in between. We support both the government/defense and commercial sectors. Below, we list a few examples of industries where SHM has proven useful, especially those where we have a ready-made solution. If you don't see your industry listed here, please contact us to discuss how SHM can help you, too.


Acellent's SHM systems are widely used and well-respected across the aerospace industry. We provide convenient and effective solutions for monitoring the structural integrity of aircraft, rotorcraft, and space structures, whether metal or composite. Our systems are available in both off-board or on-board configurations. On-board systems can even be interfaced directly to your existing IVHM or HUMS for aircraft and rotorcraft applications, providing results that are easy to integrate into existing designs.

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Acellent's SHM systems have a wide variety of military applications, providing monitoring solutions for military vehicles, aircraft, rotorcraft, and even personnel. The integrity of body and vehicle armor is easily compromised by improper handling or environmental exposure, reducing their ability to protect against ballistic impacts. Acellent's systems provide fast, in-field detection of damage in body and vehicle armor, improving safety, reducing cost, and increasing response times.

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Acellent's SHM systems provide intelligent distributed sensing capabilities in both traditional and electric automobiles, with applications ranging from crash sensing and pedestrian impact detection to the monitoring of damage in vehicles manufactured with composite materials. We can monitor the state of health and charge in the battery systems for electric vehicles. Our systems are also a great tool for monitoring fatigue and damage initiation during vehicle component tests.

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Acellent's patented SMART Layer® sensor network provides an ideal solution for monitoring industrial manufacturing processes and equipment. For example, our sensors are used to monitor nip loads and sheet properties in paper, board, pulp, and tissue production machines, allowing real-time adjustments that increase output and reduce costs. Our sensors are robust and easy to install, with redundant designs available to provide even higher levels of reliability. Paper manufacturing is only one of many industries that benefit from Acellent's SHM systems.

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Civil Infrastructure

Acellent's SHM systems provide "cradle-to-grave" monitoring solutions for civil infrastructure. Our state-of-the-art technology provides early warning of degradation affecting the performance of pipelines, bridges, buildings, and other key infrastructure components. We can detect corrosion, erosion, the initiation and propagation of cracks, and other types of damage.

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Acellent's SHM systems monitor service-related degradation of structures that can affect the performance of multiple energy-generation and -storage platforms, such as wind turbines, hydrogen tanks, and even batteries.

Our technology can also be used to manufacture "intelligent multifunctional composites", especially those with built-in structural batteries and integrated monitoring systems. Such structures are ultra-lightweight, energy-efficient, high-performance, safer, and have reduced maintenance costs.

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