Localized Monitoring

Hot-spots are specific geometric locations in a structure that are particularly prone to damage during operation and under variable loading conditions. These areas of intense focus can affect the survival of an entire structure. Hot-spots can occur on any type of structure, including aircraft, rotorcraft, pipelines, and bridges. Acellent has developed Structural Health Monitoring systems that focuses on hot spots and can be used to monitor different kinds of joints and other vulnerable components.

Acellent’s hot-spot monitoring system can be used for the following applications:

  • Monitoring fatigue crack growth
  • Estimating damage progression
  • Evaluating the damage state
  • Classifying damage severity
  • Monitoring multiple hot-spots


Quick and efficient inspections

State-of-the-art accuracy

Reduced maintenance expenditures

Reduced life cycle costs

Ability to take preventive measures to avoid disasters