Aviation Week Article:
Aircraft Health Monitoring Sensors Cutting MRO Costs Features Acellent

In an article published on Aug 12, 2016 by Paul Seidenman and David J. Spanovich for Aviation Week Network – Inside MRO, Acellent’s technology is highlighted for it’s ability to help aircraft operators and maintainers reduce operational and maintenance costs.

Amrita Kumar, executive vice president of business at Acellent Technologies was quoted:

“What you want to know is what is the data telling you, and how can you manage that information efficiently?” Kumar says. By moving toward on-condition—instead of scheduled— maintenance, “you do not have to disassemble the structure to do an inspection, due to the more targeted sensor technology available today.”

Kumar adds that while the presence and location of a problem is detectable, the next challenge is to characterize the damage. This, she says, will become increasingly important with the expanding use of composite materials.

“Is the damage in the form of a disbond or delamination? While sensors can detect that the damage is there, we’re still working on technology that will tell the operator what the exact nature of the damage is,” she says.

Acellent, reports Kumar, has a “draft version of the preliminary classification software” that would be applicable to composite structures. The application is in testing at the beta level, she says. Once tested, the software would be part of the company’s SHM Composite damage detection software, as an enhancement. “The SHM Composite software will detect, localize, size and classify the composite damage,” she says.

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