The integrity of body or vehicle armor can be compromised by impacts to the armor, mishandling or environmental exposure reducing their ability  to sustain a ballistic impact. Acellent products can be used for early detection of damage in body and vehicle armor, provide enhanced safety and quick and accurate inspection of the armor in the field.


In collaboration with the US Army, Acellent developed the SmartArmor system that can be used for the in-service monitoring of the health of body armor structures. The system provides a low-cost, fast and reliable solution for damage detection of body armor in the field with improved, reduced inventory and maintenance costs.

Acellent’s SmartArmor system is specially designed to monitor a personal body armor comprising of our patented SMART Layer® and software to increase the safety of the soldiers in a combat zone. The high-resolution damage assessment capability enables easy interrogation of the armor due to impacts, mishandling or environmental exposures and generates an indication for replacement when required.


Acellent is developing systems to assess the health of ceramic/composite armor plates for vehicle armor and detect damages due to high velocity impacts. To mimic ballistic impacts as well as non-ballistic impacts, high velocity impacts are conducted and a diagnostic imaging technique is used to detect and highlight the location of the impact damage.


Acellent’s Armor Vehicle Impact and Damage System is comprised of our SMART Layer® Sensor Network, ScanGenie®/IMGenie® hardware and software. This passive/active system combines our two global monitoring technologies to provide complete monitoring for determining impacts and the resulting condition of the ground vehicle in real-time. This system monitors the composite armor system on military vehicles for both impact as well as damage due to impact and identifies any resulting hidden damages. Being able to quantify the integrity of the structure removes the potential vulnerability for the soldier and strives to protect the lives and associated high value assets.