Acellent’s products provide efficient and convenient solutions for maintaining the structural integrity and monitoring the structural health of aircraft, rotorcraft and space structures.  We provide onboard and off board SHM solutions for monitoring known “hot spot” structural areas or unknown large structural areas.  Our systems are configured to for interfacing and connecting to on-board IVHM for aircraft or HUMS for rotorcraft applications.

We offer these SHM solutions
based on the situation

Composite damage detection includes SMART Layer® sensors, ScanGenie® hardware and  software to detect hidden damages and delaminations on a global level in large composite structures

Hot spot monitoring and crack detection uses SMART Layer sensors,  hardware, and software to detect localized damage in known areas

Impact detection uses our passive impact detection system of SMART Layer sensors, IMGenie® hardware, and AIM™ software to detect impact events that occur on structures


The two general operation modes of Structural Health Monitoring systems are onboard and off-board. Data is recorded during flight when in onboard mode, while data is only collected when the aircraft is on the ground when in off-board mode. An onboard system requires that the complete monitoring system (sensors, hardware, and software) be on board the aircraft and operational during flight, while an off-board system requires that only the sensors be permanently installed on board the aircraft. With an off-board system, the hardware and software are on the ground and connected to the aircraft during inspection.

The following are some examples of how Acellent’s technologies
have been applied in the aerospace industry: