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Acellent Technologies, Inc. is a global leader in Structural Health Monitoring and Management (SHM). With two decades of SHM experience, Acellent leads the way in the Industry 4.0 technological revolution.

We design, build, and support SMART Layer Technology to monitor the heath and condition of diverse structures ranging from aircrafts, rotorcraft, pipelines, bridges, wind turbines, automobiles, heavy machinery and more. Our products detect damage and assess the condition of aging, degrading, and failing structures in an easy to understand metric.

Welcome to the age of Smarter Structures!

Our Mission

Through Acellent's innovative structural health monitoring solutions, we empower companies to build smarter structures to create a safer world.


Acellent Technologies, Inc. 是结构健康监测界的领军人物,凭借着长达20年的技术经验,Acellent 引领世界走入工业 4.0 技术革命。

我们利用 SMART Layer 智能层科技监控结构的健康状况,应用包括飞机,旋翼机,输油管,桥梁,风力涡轮机,汽车,重型机械等。通过我们精心设计的用户界面,客户可以第一时间获取结构的老化与损伤信息。



通过利用 Acellent 创新性的结构健康监测解决方案,我们帮助客户建立智能的结构,与顾客联手共创一个更安全的世界。


就像植入体内的“智能医生”,Acellent 的 SMART Layer® 可以轻松的被安装在全新或现有的结构中,每时每刻感知结构的状态,及时发现损伤,对结构的健康状况做出精确诊断,进行预警报警,为结构维护技工决策支持。Acellent 为客户结构完整性监测提供创造性解决方案,我们的产品包括 SMART Layer 智能层,诊断硬件,被动撞击监测和主动损伤检测软件。

The Technology

Acellent’s SMART Layer® technology can easily be integrated into new or existing structures in order to automate inspection and maintenance procedures. Acellent manufactures Structural Health Monitoring products for the evaluation of structural integrity, and we offer three categories of products: SMART Layer, diagnostic hardware, and passive impact monitoring & active damage detection Software Suites. These products work together to function as a complete solution for Structural Health Monitoring.


Acellent Technologies, Inc., was founded in 1999 based on Structural Health Monitoring technology developed at Stanford University. The company is a C-corporation under the State of California law and is privately owned by its employees. Since its founding, Acellent has recruited a team of exceptional researchers in the Structural Health Monitoring and diagnostic field and has hired experts in business and commercialization. Our company’s future growth is in the experienced hands of our well-respected advisory board.

Acellent Technologies, Inc., 是基于在斯坦福大学开发的结构健康监测技术上建立而成的。Acellent 是加利福尼亚州法律下的C公司,由其员工私人拥有,我们的员工都在结构健康监测和诊断领域拥有广泛的经验

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835 Stewart Drive
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